Progressive Electro-Acoustic Music for the Imagination and Soul
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Zoan (single)

Zoan is the first digital single from the upcoming album Urbus, scheduled for release in early April 2022 (supply chain permitting).

Dark | Electro-acoustic | Avant-garde. This rhythmic, mid-tempo track depicts a mysterious urban environment without using dance beats or conventional drums. Hints of glitch and sparse percussion rise above a wash of atmospheric electronica and driving bass.

Urbus will be available digitally on all the usual platforms, on CD, and on limited-edition transparent vinyl. If you'd like to reserve a copy of the vinyl album, CONTACT ME DIRECTLY.

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AeTopus (Bryan Tewell Hughes) elaborates on his unique blend of Electronica, pastoral New Age, soundtrack-inspired overture, and Dark Ambient styles.


A creative detour from the artist's established sound, this moody, textured work contains several long-format pieces based largely on dark, dramatic themes. The album represents a desire to experiment with the AeTopus sound, and to break new musical ground in the nebulous arena of modern electronic music.


VARIANT can be streamed, downloaded, or purchased on all platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.

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Deep Variants

This EP is a bass-heavy remix project: deep bass and throbbing percussion are woven into three tracks from the VARIANT album.