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Progressive Electro-Acoustic Music for the Imagination and Soul
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After 20 years of releasing music independently on my personal 12Ton Productions label, I am thrilled to announce my signing to Spotted Peccary Music. SPM and its artists have been pushing the boundaries of ambient, electronic, and acoustic artistry for over 35 years, and I truly can't think of a better fit.

Thank you for listening, and for joining me as this new chapter unfolds. A fresh album is scheduled for release in fall 2023 - Stay tuned!

- Bryan/AeTopus

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This work was inspired by my impressions of populated spaces past, present, and future imagined. Contained within is the gestalt of an abstract city, with all its cultural structures, social conditions, and moody wonder.


Creating and selecting tracks for the vinyl format was a new experience that was both challenging and liberating; AeTopus began in the age of the compact disc, and I'm used to having more time and flexibility for my presentation. This project forced me to think hard, edit judiciously, and pinpoint the essence of my theme. The results have exceeded my expectations, and are a testament to the continuing evolution of the AeTopus sound.

Urbus is now available for streaming and purchase.

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For over two decades, I have crafted a personal blend of Electronica, pastoral New Age, and Dark Ambient styles. The music has evolved gently through each release, but an AeTopus signature is embedded in each song and album.

I value texture, mood, and spacious sound staging, often employing my fondness for vintage synthesis and late twentieth-century science fiction and fantasy soundtracks. The music is timeless and placeless, yet recognizable themes can occasionally be discerned through its abstraction. My goal is to impress your ears and imagination with a high fidelity experience that is unique among today's electronic offerings.

AeTopus can be streamed, downloaded, or purchased on all platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.

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