In the Bellingham, WA studio, 2019.

Hanging out in Waterfront Artist Collective, Bellingham, WA

Fascinated by the history, geography, and geo-political status of Israel and Palestine.

Bryan, Jonn Serrie, and Paul Avgerinos at the ZMR Awards show, 2016

Bryan and Jim Combs of Sensitive Chaos at the ZMR Awards show, 2016

Greg Mindorff of Suite Sound Labs puts the finishing touches on "When" as mixing engineer Bill Simpkins looks on.

The shuttle bus after the 9th Annual ZMR Awards Show in New Orleans, 2013. Will Ackerman, Kevin Keller, and Bob Ardern all in one vehicle! Thanks to Jamey Osborne for the photo.

Bryan and "Between Empires" receive the "Zoney" for Best Electronic album of 2012.

Sometimes, it actually does make sense to refer to the owner's manual.

Hangin' out at the old tattoo studio in Moscow, ID

Bryan, circa 2005, working on "Tempula"

Power-pop/funk band Shaky Kane practicing in 1993; That's Bryan on the left with all the hair.