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Progressive Electro-Acoustic Music for the Imagination and Soul

Totem Totum - Now Available

This fresh 2018 release takes the listener on a journey through gentle pastoral scenes, primitive rituals, and moody planetscapes - A sonic exploration of humanity’s inherent yearning for its own context. Bryan's Goth, Berlin School, and film soundtrack roots lend color and texture to his spacious, high-fidelity style to reward both the casual listener and the headphone-wearer.


When is a pure pleasure to listen to, and I think it may represent AeTopus at the current top of his game.”                                                                                                   - Hypnagogue

Between Empires

“There's almost a fairy quality to the songs, light buoyancy tempered by an endearing sparkle. Hughes has a winning skill for blending classical elements with his modern electronic sensibilities, resulting in tuneage of a highly bewitching nature."                                                                               - Sonic Curiosity

Angels and Machines

“Melodically the songs are simple but effective, lying somewhere between Tangerine Dream’s 80s-era electronic music and the fantasy-inspired New Age of David Arkenstone." 

                                                 - Exposé online


“Try as I may to clearly delineate the characteristics and appeal of Tempula, what I’m left with is simply that this album kicks a hundred kinds of ass." 


              - Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter

Memories of the Elder

“This is a huge CD...This CD has elements of the Berlin school, pastoral new age, dark ambience, and droning minimalism. At the same time, it is none of those styles." 


                       - Jim Brenholts, Ambient Visions